Work Orders Overview

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Work Orders Overview


Maintenance / Work Orders / Work Order Overview



Work Orders can be searched or located with the overview screen or the search screen.  The Work Orders Overview screen provides much flexibility and is a quick way to view scheduled (open) invoices.  Numerous search options are available as shown in the screen shot below:






To quickly edit a work order, double click on the desired work order.  The screen will automatically change to the Work Orders tab where the selected work order will be displayed and ready for editing / printing.


Category Limiting

You can limit the selection list of services and / or parts.  To do this, simply click the checkbox for Only Pick From Matching Unit Category.  The program will only include services and / or parts that have the same Category as the Unit Category.  Category codes are defined under Administration / Codes and selected on the Units, Services and Parts screen.


Work Order Help Topics

ExpressRequest - Managing maintenance request from other users and converting them to work orders.

Service Overview - Managing and reviewing services due (PMs) and converting them into work orders.

Creating Work Orders - Flagging services due and creating work orders.

Work Orders Overview - A quick way to view scheduled and completed work orders.

Editing / Updating Work Orders - Editing or adding information to work orders and completing work orders.

Printing Work Orders - Printing work orders and work order related reports.