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Administration / Setup / Vendor Terms



Terms are setup to serve as available methods of payment for Vendors.  All terms setup here will be available in the Company screen.





Inserting / Editing

To insert or edit a record, simply click on the data navigator at the top of the screen.


Date Fields

Terms ID - A brief alpha numeric code to assign to each type of terms offered or available to you.


Name - A more descriptive name for the terms.  This is the value to be printed on invoices.


Basis - The basis or logic for the terms.  Options include:

 Days - A specific number of days from the invoice date.

 Fixed Day - A specific day of the following month.


Due Days - This value varies depending on the Basis and is as follows:

 Days - The number of days from invoice date to compute the due date.

 Fixed Day - The specific day of the following month for the due date.


Disc Days - The number of days, if paid within, for which a discount will be earned.


Disc Percent - The percent of the invoice that can be discounted, if paid within the discount days.


Link Number -



Double click the term to see the data view. Highlight the term and click data view to see the term in a new window.