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The Utilities section includes options for accessing several handy utilities including a rolodex, editor, calculator, etc..  The utilities section also provides options to define the Main Toolbar Properties and certain key lookup lists.  Most of these options are self explanatory but the following items warrant their own help topic sections.




Application Options

Schedule - Schedule gives you the option to create and track personal and community appointments and event

Rolodex - Handy screen for tracking contacts other than maintenance vendors, etc.

Google Directions - Quickly search or print directions in google maps

Document Editor - Handy editor that can be used for notes, letters, etc.

Maintenance Forms - The Forms Setup screen allows you to give the records a Type, Name and Reference. Files can be of any type for which users have a corresponding application (example: pdf, excel, word, etc).

Calculator - Calls the windows built-in calculator

Email Test - ExpressMaintenance uses a component to send standard SMTP email.  You can setup ExpressMaintenance to send email when work orders or issues, purchase orders and when requests are created in ExpressRequest.


Others Options

Setup Lookup Lists - Allows you to define the selection list for Units, Parts, Services and Companies.

Refresh Lookup Tables - Refreshes the query of all lookup tables being used in picklists.  Rarely needed.

Change Password - Change the user password.

Application Preferences - Allows you to define the Main Toolbar Properties as desired per user.

Skin Theme - Use the drop down arrow to quickly select an ExpressMaintenance skin