Units - Service History

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Units - Service History


Maintenance / Units / Service History



The Units screen of ExpressMaintenance is used to insert and maintain all data relating to equipment and other items.  The screen contains the primary data in the upper half.  More detailed data is found under the various tabs located in the lower half of the screen.  This help topic covers the Units - Service History.




Inserting / Editing

To insert or edit a record, simply click the edit button on the data navigator at the top of the screen.


Complete Services

Normally, services are completed via the completion of Work Orders.  However, you can complete a service manually by selecting the desired service and then clicking the Complete Service button under Scheduled Services.  A dialog will appear prompting for the Date Performed, New Period Count (miles, hours, etc) and the Employee who performed the service.  Once a service is completed, it is automatically inserted into service history and the next scheduled period or date is determined.  You can also insert service history data directly from the Service History portion of the Units screen.  Neither of these methods are recommended.  We recommend using the work orders to populate the service as it provides much more detailed information about the services performed, parts used, etc.


Notes & More Information

You can see the full work order notes and other information by right-clicking on the work order number.  When the popup menu appears, left click on Jump To Work Order.


Data Fields

Service - The name of the service selected from a picklist of user definable Services.


Cost Center - The cost center or maintenance code that applies to the service when applied to the unit.


Performed By - The name of the employee completing the service selected from a picklist of user defined Employees.


Date Performed - The date the service was completed.


Work Order - The work order number the service was completed through.  You can right click and jump to the work order.


Period Count - The period count such as miles, days, months, etc.


Labor Estimate - The original estimated labor estimate for the service.  See the work order for the actual labor.


Cost Estimate - The original cost estimate for the service.  See the work order for the actual costs.



To print a unit data sheet, simply click on the Print button.  To print various unit reports, see Maintenance Reports.


This help topic only covers the Service History section of Units.  For more details on other portions of the Units screen select one of the topics below:


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