Receiving By Import

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Receiving By Import

ExpressMaintenance includes the option to import parts receiving records from a comma delimited text file (csv).  This allows users to utilize portable barcode scanners for recording incoming parts shipment and then easily import the data into the ExpressMaintenance  Parts / Receiving data. 


A csv file is most commonly created or edited with a spreadsheet application such as Excel but can also be created using external software such as that provided with portable barcode readers and portable computers.


In order to import parts receiving records, you must have a csv file in a specific format.  The file must include a space for each of the following fields of data and they must be in this exact order.


Vendor ID

Vendor Name

Invoice Number

Part Number

Part Description




The file can actually contain either Vendor ID or Vendor Name or both.  The file can also contain Part Number or Part Description or both.  In either case there must be a column for both even if one is blank.


The example below includes all fields:

123.01,Big Sky Supply,D342,Air Filter,12,15.99


The example below omits the Vendor Name and Part Name:



Notice that even though the Vendor Name and Part Name is omitted, the comma is still in place to delineate the columns.  This must be present in order for the import program to work properly and associate data with the proper columns.


Importing Receiving Records

In order to import receiving records, simply follow the wizard found in the Parts / Receiving.

After you select the desired CSV file, click the Next button to view records found and to be imported.



Review the records to be imported and edit as desired.  When ready, click the Import button.




When importing is complete the wizard will display the status of records imported.  To view the imported records, close the wizard and return to the Parts / Receiving screen.




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