Parts Inventory

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Parts Inventory

The Parts Inventory menu of ExpressMaintenance is used to maintain data about the Parts inventory, Parts Receiving and Parts Reports.  Parts inventory is effected by two aspects of ExpressMaintenance:


Increasing Parts Inventory - Parts / Receiving

Decreasing Parts Inventory - Completed Work Orders

Increasing & Decreasing Parts Inventory - Parts Transferring


The Parts Menu is shown below:




The Parts section of this help covers the following topics:


Parts Help Topics

Parts - Inventory Analysis - Convenient screen for quick overview of parts inventory activity.

Parts - Overview - The overview screen of parts.

Parts - General - General data relating to parts.

Parts - Receiving - The entry of parts purchased and received.

Parts Receiving by Import - Receiving parts by importing from barcode csv file.

Parts - Re-Ordering- General data relating to parts.

Parts - Reports - Reporting on Parts inventory and purchases.

Parts - Transferring- General data relating to parts.