Creating Work Order

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Creating Work Order


Maintenance / Work Orders


Creating Work Orders - 3 Methods

There are 3 ways of creating work orders:

1.Create work orders from scheduled services (PMs) using the Services Overview screen.
2.Create work orders from maintenance requests (ExpressRequest) using the Requests screen.
3.Insert manual work orders using the insert button on the Work Order screen.


1. Creating Work Orders from Service Overview (PMs)

In the Service Overview screen, search for services due.  Next, select the desired services for work order creation by clicking in the pick box of each service.  Alternatively, you can click the "Select All" button.  After the desired items are selected, click the "Create Work Orders" button.  Services are placed on separate work orders by Unit and Work Group.  If a service is checked for SeparateWO, then the service will also be placed on a separate work order of its own.


2. Creating Work Orders from Requests

In Requests screen, view the maintenance requests that have been submitted.  Select a request by clicking on the record in the grid.  Click the "Assign Work Order" button or right click to create a work order for the maintenance request.  You can only convert one request at a time to a work order.


Finishing The Process

Using either of the two methods described above, the following dialog box will appear:




Simply select the employee / department to perform the work order and the scheduled date for the work order.  When you have completed the dialog box, click Ok to have the work order(s) created.  The following dialog screen will appear when the work orders are created:




You can print the work order at this time.  Alternatively, you can create other work orders and edit or print them later.  See the other help topics shown below for details on editing and printing work orders.  Work Orders can be manually created (inserted) directly in the Work Order screen.  See the topic on Updating Work Orders for more details.


3. Creating Manual Work Orders

There are times when it is necessary to create a work order that is not the result of scheduled services or a maintenance request.  To do this, simply click on the Work Order screen and click the Insert button on the data navigator.  Proceed by selecting the Unit, Services and other pertinent information for the work order.  To print, click on the print button for the work order worksheet.


Editing Work Orders

When you have completed creating work orders, you can click the Work Orders tab.  The work orders just created will be in memory and available for review, further edits and printing.  For more information on editing invoices, see the help topic Updating Work Orders.


Work Order Help Topics

ExpressRequest - Managing maintenance request from other users and converting them to work orders.

Service Overview - Managing and reviewing services due (PMs) and converting them into work orders.

Creating Work Orders - Flagging services due and creating work orders.

Work Orders Overview - A quick way to view scheduled and completed work orders.

Editing / Updating Work Orders - Editing or adding information to work orders and completing work orders.

Printing Work Orders - Printing work orders and work order related reports..